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Q. Be careful. We are dealing with some family intrigues. Havilder Ram Vilas Prasad Singh’s wife delivered twins – the first born was a girl and the second was a son. They already had eight children.

Now, they had a problem naming children. They asked all the eight of their children to fall in one line. When the children presented themselves in one line their names were asked and jotted down in order of seniority. The names were as under:

Kamala Devi, Kamta Prasad, Bela Devi, Beni Prasad, Gita Devi, Girish Kumar, Gopal Prasad, Gomti Devi.

Havildar Sahib glanced at the list of his children and found one peculiarity in it. Taking into consideration this peculiarity he named his two new-born. Their names will be found in the names given below:

Gita Devi, Gopal Prasad, Gauri Devi, Mathura Prasad Singh, Mukund Lal, Mohini Devi, Mauli Chandra Singh, Bal Bahadra Singh, Ratan Kumari, Ravindra Pratap, Raj Kumar, Raj Rani Devi, Sarjo Prasad Singh, Seema Kumari, Hemlata, Hotilal and Homwati Devi, Durga Devi, Dudh Nath Singh.

Can you tell what were the names selected by him for his two new-born?


A. Girl’s name – Durga Devi. The name of the boy – Dudh Nath.

It would be seen that all names are given serial-wise on the basis of the use of vowels.

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