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International Sports Meet

Q. Participants from different countries had gathered for the international sports meet. Among them, the players from ‘A’ country were so many in number that if they were asked to form rows, the number of players in each row would be equal to the number of rows formed.

If the number of players sent by ‘B’ country are squared, then it would become a three-digit figure. If this three-digit figure was suffixed to the number of players sent by country ‘A’, then we would arrive at a six-digit figure. The square root of this figure equals the number of players sent by country ‘C’.

The combined total of the players of these countries was greater by 30 than the ¼ of the total number of participants in the games, but there was no figure 2 in the total number of participants.

Would you tell:

A) How many players participated in the games in all?

B) How many players participated in the competition from countries ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’.

A. Total participants 3576. ‘A’ country-324, ‘B’ country-30, and ‘C’ country-570.

Sq.root of 324900 is 570. ‘B’ country participants are from 10 to 31. There are two figures of 3 digits and shifting their place gives a 6-digit figure which is a complete square.