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Not All About Tops

Q. Ranjeet Kumar was called ‘Lattoo’ by his friends because of his habit of twisting the facts.

This incident relates to the year 1981. One day when his friend Krishan Dutt asked him about the date of his marriage, he told that he was married; his wife was younger to him. Exactly on the day of second anniversary of his marriage his son Randhir was born.

He added, “Today Randhir is as old as his mother was at the time of her marriage.”

“When Randhir would be half my age his mother’s age would be 1/8th more than double the age of what she was at the time of our marriage. One thing more, when we celebrated Randhir’s third birthday my wife was as old as I was at the time of our marriage.”

What ‘Lattooji’ had said went over the head of Krishna Dutt. Can you tell in which year Lattoo was married?

A. Lattooji was married in 1947. An error is likely to occur when Randhir is considered 3 years of age on his third birthday. He was only 2 at that time.