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Of Heroes And Heroines

Q. Friday was a field day for cinelovers as five new films were released.

Films Arpana, Chalta Purza and Swapana Sansar were the three professional films. The remaining two films Karma Dweep and Seva Ashram were art films.

The heroes were Mani Verma, Mrinal Rai, Raman Nidhe, Rakesh Ranjan and Sidhanth Sharma. The heroines were Mona, Rama, Lata, Loveleen and Sapna.

The directors were Arif Khan, Pramod Goswami, prem Tilak, Ratan Jeet and Subash Barman.

Arif Khan had selected a new pair of Mani Verma and Mona for his art film. The heroes whose names commenced with the letter ‘R’ were paired with the heroines whose names started with letter ‘L’ and they had acted in professional films only.

Sidhanth Sharma’s role in Swapna Sansar was being appreciated everywhere. But Sapna was not his heroine.

Tilak directed the film in which Rakesh had acted. But he had not worked for Chalta Purza.

Mrinal Rai had not worked with ratanjeet. His film had started after Seva Ashram.

Lata and Pramod’s film was quite a success.

From the above can you tell the name of a hero and heroine of each film and the name of the film in which each pair had acted. Also name the director of each film.


Sl. Films Hero  Heroine        Director
1. Aparna Rakesh Ranjan Loveleen Prem Tilak
2. Chalta Purza Raman Nidhe Lata Pramod Goswami
3. Swapna Sansar S.Sharma Rama Ratan Jeet
4. Karma Dweep Mrinal Rai Sapna S.Burman
5. Seva Ashram M.Verma Mona Arif Khan