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Past and Present

Q. Five young men, namely Jacob, Daljeet, Balbir, Safdar and Sudarshan entered the Indian Navy, about 30 years ago. In the final examination after the training period they were the foremost amongst the successful candidates. They secured the first five positions.

One of them was promoted to the rank of Voice-Admiral. The remaining four were holding the following ranks:

Rear Admiral, Commodore, Captain and Commander.

They had taken their training in I.N.S. ‘Kashmir’, ‘Delhi’, ‘Dhavalgiri’, ‘Nilgiri’ and ‘Mysore’.

From the details given below you have to tell which youth was trained on which ship, which place did he obtain merit-wise and which he had been promoted.

Note: These five did not get their present ranks on the basis of their seniority in the merit list.

The cadet on ‘Kashmir’ had secured the first place and he was senior to Sudarshan in rank.

The cadet on ‘Delhi’ was Daljeet. He obtained second place.

The trainee on ‘Nilgiri’ stood fourth but this cadet was not Jacob. The trainee on ‘Dhavalgiri’, Balbir was Commander. Next to Daljeet in seniority was Safdar who could never supersede Baljeet.


S. No. Name Order of merit Name of ship Rank
1. Daljeet Second Delhi V.Admiral
2. Sudarshan Fifth Mysore Captain
3. Jacob First Kashmir Commodore
4. Balbir Third Dhavalgiri Commander
5. Safdar Fourth Nilgiri R. Admiral