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Phenomenal Memory

Q. Sadashiv had a phenomenal memory.

Sadashiv had seen the car used by the killers to escape, after they had murdered Ram Charan on Sunday night. Soon after the incident the whole locality gathered and raised a hue and cry. The police arrived immediately on the spot.

Inspector Jogendar made a survey of the place where Ram Charan was murdered. He enquired from the crowd, “Has anybody seen the criminals while they were escaping?”

Sadashiv came forward and replied, “Yes, I have seen them fleeing in a red-colored fiat.”

“What was the number of the car?” Asked Inspector Jogendar anxiously.

“Sir, preceded by letters DIB, the number was in four digits. All the four numbers were different from each other. The first figure was one-and-a-half times the last figure. The total of first two figures was half of the total of figure numbers 3 and 4. Also, the difference between the two middle figures was only one.”

Inspector Jogendar Singh taking Sadashiv for a lunatic was about to ask him to leave the place when sub-inspector Ravinder came forward and whispered the car number into Inspector Jogendar’s ear.

Taking clue from Sadashiv, the car was found and the criminals were arrested.

Can you guess what was the number of the car that Sadashiv had seen?

A. Car No. DIB 3672


  1. Since the first figure is one and a half times the last figure, the possible figures can be 3, 6, 9 (for first place) and 2, 4, 6 (for last place).
  2. Since the figures in first two digits are half of house in the last two digits, they cannot be 6, 9 and 4, 6.
  3. Possibly at second place they are 1 or 6, and at the third place 6 or 7.