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POKERS ALL (Brain Teaser)

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Pokers All

Q. There ‘poker-face’ pokers, namely Jamal, Billu and Tahir were poking fun at each other.

They started the game with funds in their pockets as under:

  1. Tahir and Billu had together three times as much as Jamal.
  2. Jamal and Billu had four times as much money as Tahir.
  3. In the evening they finished their game and the position was – Jamal and Billu had three times as much as Tahir.

Tahir and Billu together had twice as much as Jamal. Billu finished with Rs. 2/-.

Now, without using your mathematical knowledge would you tell how much money did each of the three, pockers finished with in his valet?

A. Since T started with 1/5 of the total pool and finishing with 1/4, he won 1/4-1/5 =1/20. Similarly J won 1/3-1/4=1/12, so together they won, 2/15. So B must have Lost 2/15 which, we are told, was Rs. 2. Therefore, the pool was Rs.15/-. T’s finishing total was 1/4 of this, J’s 1/3, and B’s the remainder. Hence, Tahir finished with Rs.3.75, Jamal with Rs.5/-, Billu with Rs.6.25. (having started with Rs.3/-, Rs.3.75, Rs.8.25 respectively).