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Ramnath, The Multimillionaire

Q. It was only last year that Ramnath had purchased a huge building in the New Market area for Rs.25 lacs. Ramnath had become a millionaire in no time and now he aspired to become a multi-millionaire.

Not long before, he was just a hawker selling cloth from village to village. He could not ascertain positively how long ago it was, but the square root of the number of these years forms a complete figure.

The number of the house in which Ramnath lived in those days was in four digits. It was rather interesting that although not a very bright student of mathematics in his school days, he was able to remember only the square-root of his house number, rather than the number of the house.

Further, if we prefix his house number by the square of those years, the figure arrived at would be equal to the capital he owned at the time of finalization of accounts, last year.

Would you calculate his last year’s capital?

To guide you a little further, we may add that he had often given to his son money equal to the square-root of his capital in one-rupee notes. And his last year’s capital also contains figure 5 somewhere.

A. Ram Nath’s last year’s capital – Rs. 57,69,604/-.