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Reward by Lord Cornwallis

Q. Every individual dreams of having his own house. With a view to providing a house to the retired Government servants and also for those who would be retiring soon, Town Development Corporation had made a plan.

Priority-wise the plan was as under: (1) Every person retiring within three years after 3 March, 1983; (2)  Those who would be retiring 3 years before 3 March, 1983; (3) Those who have already retired before three years since 3 March, 1983.

Amount to be deposited as advance by those desirous of having a house was as under:

  1. Low Income Group – Rs. 2500.
  2. Middle Income Group – Rs. 5000.
  3. High Income Group – Rs. 7500.

Now, Subedar Balbir Singh who was rewarded Rs. 8000 by Lord Cornwallis for arresting some thieves while he was unarmed, desired to have a house under Middle Income Group.

Which priority would he be considered entitled for by Town Development Corporation?

A. Balbir Singh is not entitled to any priority in any category the Housing Schemes. He had received an award from Lord Cornwallis who was Governor – General of India during 1786 to 1793. And, there could hardly be any possibility that the Subedar Sahib was alive.