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Show-piece Business

Q. Seth Girdhari Lal had purchased an important ‘Showpiece’ in Bombay. The height of the piece was 3 yards and 6½ inches and the thickness was 2 inches. He was to travel by train from Bombay to Delhi.

However, he received information that his son Satyendra had taken ill, so he could no longer stay in Bombay and decided to travel by air.

Sethji wanted to take the show-piece along with him. But the authorities would not allow the show-piece by plane as according to their rules nothing beyond two yards in height was permissible to be carried along with a passenger. Sethji liked the piece immensely and would not leave it behind. Indeed, he faced a problem. After much thinking and planning, Sethji hit upon a plan and managed to bring the piece along with him in the plane.

Can you tell how was the show-piece brought?

A. Sethji carried the show-piece by placing it horizontally. The restriction of 2 feet are for the height and not for the length of any article.