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Q. All the Indians were disappointed when P.T.Usha could not get any medal at the Ento Olympics despite her great efforts. Similarly, women competitors Kimrochniva, Che-wang, Fu-chin, Bezobanchanev and Masakiri disappointed the Americans, Koreans, Chinese, Romanians and Japanese when they could not get any medal at the Ento Olympics.

In spite of great efforts by these participants, they could hardly secure fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth places due to some reasons.

Bezoba’s place was better than Wang’s but was next to the place secured by the runner from China. The unfortunate sports woman from America could only secure the eighth place.

The Chinese sportswoman did not participate in gymnastic. She did not get fourth place even. Wang did not take part in athletics.

Masakari of Japan participated in swimming. Korea’s sportsman came seventh in diving. One participant took part in running.

Romanian sportswoman participated in javelin and Kimrochinva took part in gymnastic.

From the above tell:

  1. Which sportswoman participated in which event?
  2. What was the place of each participant in an event?


A. The position of players in Ento Olympics was as under:

Players Country Sport Position
Kimrochinva America Gymnastic 8th
Che Wang Korea Diving 7th
Fu Chin China Race 5th
Bejobachanev Romania Javelin throw 6th
Masakirie Japan Swimming 4th

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