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TAKEN FOR A RIDE (Brain Teaser)

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Taken For A Ride

Q. Come on riders; let us know what you say?

When Diler Singh the ruler of Karmath Puri attacked Aram pur, its ruler Manoranjan Prasad was busy in amorous affairs in his Luxury Palace situated on the hills of Aram Pur.

In order to apprise the ruler of the attack by Diler Singh, prince Shakti Singh sent his reliable soldier Ramendra Pratap to the Luxury Palace. The latter started exactly at 7 a.m. on his horse.

Precisely after 2 hours the prince assigned another soldier, Virbhadra to proceed to the palace in question. Both the soldiers reached the palace exactly at 2 o’clock in the noon. On reaching the palace they learnt that the ruler had not got up from his sleep till then.

Both the riders had taken some rest on their way to the palace. Ramendra Pratap had rested for 1/7th of the time taken by Virbhadra during his riding, whereas resting time of Virbhadra was 7 times less than the riding time taken by Ramendra Prasad. In other words the riding time of Ramendra Prasad was 7 times more than the resting time of Virbhadra.

During this journey Virbhadra rode at an average speed of 35 M.P.H. whereas Ramendra’s speed was 25 M.P.H. one of the two riders had taken a shorter route?

Can you tell who went by the shorter route? Also tell the distance between Aram Pur and Luxury Palace by the longer route?

A. (a) Virbhadra reached Luxury Palace by shorter route.
(b) Distance from Aram Pur to Luxury Palace was 160 miles by longer route.


  1. Virbhadra – rested for 48 minutes. He was riding for 4 hours and 12 minutes.
    Ramendra – rested for 36 minutes, riding for 6 hours 24 minutes.

  2. Ramendra travelled seven times the rest taken by Virbhadra it means that he rode 8 times more than the period taken by Virbhadra for resting.