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The First Flight Ever

Q. The Air India’s Jambo Jet ‘Samrat’ took its first ever flight from Delhi. The Delhi-London scheduled flight had seven halting stations, i.e. Bombay, Cairo, Baghdad, Beirut, Ethens, Rome and Paris.

No passenger alighted at Bombay, while 45 passengers had boarded the plane before its start. 22 passengers got down at Cairo and as many as the 1/10th of remaining passengers in the plane boarded at Cairo.

In Baghdad, only 2 passengers alighted, while one short of the 1/4th passengers already in the plane boarded it. In Beirut 89 passengers got down and 1/7th of the remaining passengers in the plane boarded.

The passengers who got down at Ethens were 1/16th of the total passengers while the passengers who boarded the plane were greater by 20 in number than the square root of the remaining passengers.

At Rome 1/4th of the passengers alighted. When the plane took its flight, then there total number of passengers it had earlier.

In Paris 1/9th of the total passengers alighted and only 30 passengers boarded the plane for London.

Those who got down at London were in 3 figures.

The number of passengers who went to Scotland from Heathrow Airport (London) amounted to the cube root of 1/10th of the total passengers who alighted in London (this was in odd number).

Can you say how many passengers boarded ‘Samrat’ at Delhi for foreign trip and the total number of passengers that travelled in this plane’s first flight ever?

A. Total passengers boarded at Delhi =197.
Total passengers availing first ever flight in ‘Samrat’ – 493.

Passengers going to Scotland were in odd numbers. They were equal to the cube root of 1/10 of the passengers that landed in England. Under these circumstances 3 is the only figure, the figure, the cube root of which is 27 and passengers getting down at London were – 270.