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The Hare And The Tortoise

Q. Randhir and Baldeo were good friends. Both were proud of their rides: Randhir of his scooter and Baldeo of his horse.

Each boasted that his was the fastest means of riding. And one day they decided to bet on it. They were to race on a road around a nearby lake which was at some distance from the village. They were required to take a full round of that road. The first to reach the starting point was to be that road. The road around the lake was circular. This road was 35 feet broad and 22 feet length in its circumference.

On the appointed day Randhir generously offered Baldeo 16 minutes handicap which the latter gleefully accepted. Baldeo cleverly positioned his horse exactly at 12:10 a.m., whereas Randhir started his scooter 16 minutes later, i.e. at 12:26 a.m.

Baldeo won the race by 30 seconds despite the fact that the averages speed of this horse was less by 6.4 km. per hour than the Randhir’s scooter. Randhir had to eat an humble pie.

Can you tell: (a) Average speed of Randhir’s scooter, (b) How much distance did he cover?

A. The average speed of Randhir’s scooter – 26.4 km/hr.
The scooter covered total distance – 22.22 km.

Half circumference of inner circle: 3.5 metre.
Half circumference of outer circle – 3.535 metre.
Length outer end – 22.22 metre.