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Q. That was an year for tourism. Mandi in Himachal Pradesh is famous for its distant temples – temples in deep forests, on top of high cliffs and where not?

So, I took a local guide and started for one. The day was hot and road, rocky at places and dusty at most.

“How far have we come?” I enquired of the sweating guide.

“Half of the distance we have yet to go,” was his reply.

After another half a mile, I asked, “How far yet to go?”

“Half the distance we have already covered.” Replied the guide. It made no sense to me.

I sat down under a tree and began to work out: ‘How much distance would it be from starting point at Mandi to the temple’? I could not make out. Could you help me?


A. Seven and a half miles.


  1. When I asked the first question, we must have done 1/3rd of the journey.
  2. At second question 2/5th.
  3. 2/5 – 1/3 = 1/15 which was to be half a mile.

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