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The World Champions

Q. India ended fifth in the World Cup Hockey, disappointing thousands of hockey fans. Brahma Kumar Pal was also one of them. While thinking over the pros and cons of India’s defeat he fell asleep.

In this dream Pal saw the World Cup Hockey competition. After some matches the position of participating countries in league matches was:

India-10 points, Kenya-2 points, Malaysia-3 points, Russia-3 points, Spain-10 points, Australia-6 points and Holland-8 points.

At this stage Pal woke up. But he had forgotten most part of his dream. However, besides this list of points, he remembered that the matches which Holland drew were twice the number of matches it won.

Australia managed to see that none of the matches it played was drawn. The most spectacular match of this series was between Russia and Kenya in which Kenya defeated its much stronger opponent by 3 goals to 2.

With the help of your knowledge of the game of hockey and from the above details, would you tell the results of the matches played by these countries.

  • India= 10
  • Kenya= 2
  • Malaysia= 3
  • Russia= 3
  • Spain= 3
  • Australia= 6
  • Holland= 8


Team India Spain Holland Aus. Russia Mal. Kenya Total Points
India  ---- Equal Equal Won Won Won Won 10
Spain Equal  ---- Equal Won Won Won Won 10
Holland Equal Equal  ---- Won Equal Equal Won 8
Australia Lost Lost Lost  ---- Won Won Won 6
Russia Lost Lost Equal Lost  ---- Won Lost 3
Malaysia Lost Lost Equal Lost Lost  ---- Won 3
Kenya Lost Lost Lost Lost Won Lost  ---- 2