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Q. The spies of ‘Dushta Nagar’ wanted to destroy the water supply system of their neighbor state of Ram Nagar.

They gathered the information in order to carry out their plan. The water tank was stationed on the bank of a river flowing by the border Ram Nagar. The pipe supplying water to the city was so large that it could empty one fifteenth water of the tank in one hour. The water supply to the city was open for twenty-four hours, being the Capital. That is why the pipe was never closed. Apart from the main pipe, there were three additional pipes to supply water to the small tanks constructed at the three palaces, those of the King, the Prime Minister and the General.

The capacity of the two pipes leading to the Prime Minister’s and General’s tanks was half of the capacity of pipe leading to King’s palace. When these three pipes were also opened they could empty the main tank within seven and a half hours. The outlet of water pipe of the King’s palace was in figure of litres had no odd number in it.

The capacity of this tank when measured in litres was in seven digits.

It is not known whether the spices were successful in their plan to destroy the water supply system. They were definitely not able to assess the outlet capacity of the pipe leading to the King’s palace.

Can you tell how many litres of water was supplied to the King’s palace in one hour?


A. 2, 00,000 (two lacs) litres.


  1. Capacity of tank was from 10 lacs to 90 lacs litres.
  2. Formula to find out x (capacity of pipe) :-

Total drainage 71/2 hrs.    

1/15 + 1/x + 1/2x = 2/15x = 30
Capacity of Palace water supply was 30th part of the tank.

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