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WHO IS AN EARLY BIRD? (Brain Teaser)

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Who Is An Early Bird?

Q. Ramesh has an ancestral wrist watch bequeathed to him by his grand-father. Suresh has a new watch, a gift from his girl-friend. Ramesh’s watch is ten minutes slow but he thinks it is five minutes fast. Suresh’s watch is five minutes fast but he thinks it is ten minutes slow.

One day, they plan to catch a train leaving at 4 o’clock. Who would get into the train first?

A. Suresh gets there first and Ramesh misses the train. Ramesh tries to arrive a short time before 4:05 by his watch, but 4:05 correct time. Suresh tries to arrive a short time before 3:50 by his watch which means correct time 3:45.