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Q. Compilation of a dictionary is not an easy task. It needs great efforts, accuracy and meticulous care. Nevertheless, Prof Shyam Nath accepted the challenge and bought out a huge dictionary just within four years and entitled it Bhaskar Kosh. The entries of words, their definitions and meanings made the book worth more than ten lacs words.

Bhaskar Kosh had 62,623 words more than Diwakar Kosh compiled by Prof Diwakar. The latter contained more than nine lacs words. Interestingly, the number of words in Diwakar Kosh did not contain figure 4 nor did any figure appear twice.

The number of pages of Diwakar Kosh was equal to 6 more than double the square root of number of words + 522.

Would you calculate: (a) Total No. of words in Bhaskar Kosh of Prof Shyam Nath? (b) Total number of pages in Diwakar’s Diwakar Kosh?


A. Number of words in Professor Sham Nath’s Dictionary, ‘Bhaskar- Kosh’ are 10, 26,425. Number of pages in ‘Diwakar-Kosh’ are – 1970.


In all circumstances the words in ‘Diwakar-Kosh’ would be between 9, 37,377 and 9, 99,999. When we add 522 to these the minimum number of words amount to 9, 37, 899. This means the number of pages fall between 969 to 1000. As per the conditions, the figures arrive at 9, 63, 802 and the square root of this figure works out to be 982.

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