Friendship Day

Friendship Day Gift Ideas

"A friend is a gift you give yourself."
- Robert Louis Stevenson

What else can be a better gift than friendship itself? Material gifts aren't all what come best in every occasion. It all depends on the taste and temperament of you or your friends. So, if you find them indispensable, pay a tribute to your friendship by making a choice from a motley gift items. Starting from small ones it may be anything that, you think, will reflect the spirit of the occasion in its best way.
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  • Flowers, since time immemorial, have been regarded as the best way to represent our softer emotions. A well chosen floral bouquet to honor your friendship will do wonder.
    Also, it may be an item of handicrafts with an ethnic touch or a piece of antique to celebrate your ages-old friendship.
  • Add to this list pieces of art and artifact, including items of glass, china, metals or leather.
    These apart the conventional ones are always there to be chosen. e.g. writing materials like pens, letter or writing pad, diary, planner; or utility items like watch, key rings, pen stand, telephone index, electronic notebook and so forth.
  • Well, make your friend a tape of all the songs that define your friendship or those like by both of you.If you can't manage it gift a cassette or CD that you like to dedicate to the occasion. If you find your friendship braces too many individuals to send such a gift, the best thing is to dedicate the music or song of your common choice thru' a popular radio or TV program.
  • And if you like, buy your friends the tickets to the choicest entertainment show, or to a much sought-after sports event, may be a football or baseball match to ride the crest of excitements.
  • However, if you are keen to take creative initiatives a do-it-yourself from either of the following will be nice:
    • Threads of friendship: Cut out an oval or a round shaped paper card pierced at the ends of diameter. Paste flat color foams or sponges cut in different shapes in a concentric manner one atop the other. Stitch them together with a pearl bead (imitation will do) at the apex. Cut the sides of the card below along the edges of the pyramid of rounded or oval foamy layers leaving the pierced portions in tact to tie two pieces of silk strings or ribbons to be tied around the wrist.
    • Friendship plaque: Wrap a small and thin block of wood 2x2 or 3x3 with fabric with a message on friendship painted on it. Decor the edges of the plaque with some silk floss.
    • Friendship bag: Gift your friend with a friendship bag with candy kiss, candy hug, chocolate of love, happy face stickers, a hanky or a scented tissue paper, a couple of plastic or fabric rose buds or any other bright color flower bud glued together at the stems and a B'day candle.
      A wrist band, or a wristlet with the name of friend embossed or engraved at the center may also be nice. You can also gift your friend with a friendship tribute album featuring poems, quotations, greetings, old photos of you and your friend(s) and other pictures of your common interest.
Boy and Girl looking upWell, to top it all, send and recommend this section to your friend(s) anywhere on earth to let them realize the way you are care for your friends and friendship. They will love it for sure.
Finally, irrespective of anything you gift to your friend the most important is the extent of love, care and feelings you attach with them. There is no substitute to them.