Indian Independence Day
From time immemorial, India wanted to be independent. Who doesn’t? Indians were no exception as well. The day came at a cost of streams of bloods and plenty of lives. Countless numbers of young budding talents had given their lives to become independent and help others to realize the essence of Independence. India had successfully broken the shackles of imperialistic force, thanks to the dedications and perseverance of Indian freedom fighters and the blessings of entire India. To recall that old gory story and the success path, India celebrates its Independence Day on 15th August since India saw the light of independence for the first time in 1947. To make it a day to remember, Kidsgen is showcasing an assortment of wallpapers, screensavers, games, quiz, poems and picture to colors. Here is your opportunity to get to know the history, National emblem and National Symbols of India. Happy Independence Day!
History of Indian Independence Day
Salute the Indian freedom fighters being familiar with the History of the Indian Independence day.
National Symbols
National Symbols
Unfurl an array of the National Symbols to comprehend the significance of India as a Nation.
National Emblem of India
Enrich yourself knowing Indian cultures through the National Emblem of India.
We have compiled Colorful wallpapers themed on Indian Independence Day to recall old memories.
Greeting Cards
Use these pretty greeting cards to wish your near and dear ones, a very happy Independence Day.

Know about India from the well written quotes of eminent persons.

You would love to play these games on the very special Day, the Indian Independence Day.
National Anthem
It’s your opportunity to be familiar with the words and music of the National Anthem of India.
Picture to Color
Add color to pictures and your feelings together.

Puzzle Activities
Unfold the mysteries of the puzzle activities.

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