St Patrick's Day Crafts

There's nothing like acting Irish on the St Patrick's Day. Act Irish, drink Irish and talk Irish. And to cap all, don't forget to see how creative you can be to catch the spirit of the Paddy's Day.
Here's how:

ShamrockGood luck magic box

how about playing leprechaun all yourself?
Well, you may not spell a magic over a pot of gold. But you can always surprise your folks with a box that produces some "good luck object" out of the thin air? A must on St Patrick's Day!

ShamrockShamrock hat

How would you celebrate a Patty's Day without a shamrock hat?
Some simple tips to make it home and impress your friends with your nifty craft.

ShamrockMagic potion

Patty's Day means everything green. At least this is what we've been told. So what about trying some a sweet green drinks. Let's call it a magic potion. Indeed that's what it looks like when it turns green in front of your eyes. As if the leprechaun does a trick on your glass! Well, let everybody think that way. While it's you who are going to know the real trick! But please don't forget to share it with your friends.

ShamrockStamp of clover

Be liberal in giving away these stamps of good luck to all your folks.

ShamrockTest your word power

You gotta try this out! Specially if you wanna be an Irish on the Patty's Day.

Shamrock Hunt for a pot of gold

Well, what else would you like to play on the Patty's Day! And who knows you may end up with a real pot of gold. Hmm, no one knows what the naughty leprechaun is up to!