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Indian Mythological Stories

Ajamil Turns a New Leaf

Ajamil was the son of a devout devotee of Vishnu. But , unlike his holy father, Ajamil was lazy and wasted his time in sinful activities.

One day, his father sent him to the nearby forest to pluck flowers. There a beautiful tribal woman, accompanied by her lover, saw the handsome Ajamil and fell in love with him. She approached him and expressed her wish to be his wife. Ajamil who was equally charmed by her beauty also agreed to marry her and soon they were married.

Ajmil returned home with his bride. Shocked, his father rejected her handsome Ajmil with his wifesaying that she had sinned. A heated argument followed between Ajamil and his father after which he threw the old man on the ground and asked him to leave the house. Many years passed and Ajamil's sins only increased day by day. He drank heavily and gambled in bad company.

Ajamil's wife bore him ten sons. The youngest, called Narayana was the most loved of them all.

Ajamil slowly became poor in health and took to his bed. Frail and ailing, he saw Yama's two messengers by his bedside. Startled, he shouted his son Narayan's name. Vishnu who is called Narayana heard the plea and responded.

He immediately sent his men to tell Yamraj to delay Ajamil's death. Yamraj agreed.

Meanwhile Ajamil thanked Vishnu for saving his life and drowned himself in prayers. He gave up all corrupt activities and became a pious man.

Seeing Ajamil change his bad ways, Vishnu blessed him.