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Indian Mythological Stories

Ajay and Malti

A young man named Ajay, once went to his in-law s' house to bring his wife, Malti. He insisted on leaving with Malti on a wednesday. The in-laws tried to stop him saying that Mercury is not favourable for girls on a wednesday but Ajay did not listen to their advice and took Malti with him.

Lord Mercury brings water for Ajay's wife MaltiOn their way, Malti felt thirsty and asked him to bring water. While he was gone, Lord Mercury took the form of Ajay and came to Malti with water. Malti took him to be her husband. When Ajay arrived he was surprised to see his wife talking to another man who looked just like him. He asked Malti to come with him. Malti was very confused as to who was her real husband. The two men began fighting.

Hearing the noise, a soldier came to them. The soldier took them to the king to settle the matter. The king was also puzzled and ordered that they be locked up in separate cells in the prison while the guards kept a watch. In prison, Ajay remembered his in-law's words and felt sorry that he had not respected Mercury. He was very disturbed and all night he did not sleep and prayed for forgiveness. Lord Mercury heard this and forgave him. In the morning the guards told the king that one of the men was restless and could not sleep at night. The king came to the conclusion that he was the real husband and sent Malti with him.

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