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Fables & Fairytales

Arjuna and the Crocodiles

When Arjuna was in exile, he once went to an ashram, where the sages told him, There are five pools of water nearby, where we bathed. But now there is one crocodile in each. Arjuna and CrocodilesThe crocodiles eat whoever goes to the pools." Arjuna had received a boon from ulupi, the daughter of the king of snakes, that no creature of water could defeat him. Arjuna fearlessly went to one of the pools and pulled the crocodile to the shore. Immediately, it turned into a beautiful woman and said, "I am Varga, a fairy in Kubera's court. One day, I along with four other fairies, Saurabha, Samichi, Lata, and Budbuda tried to disturb a sage who was meditating. He cursed us to become crocodiles. He said that when a brave warrior pulled us out of water, the curse would end. You have freed me from the curse, please save my other friends also." Arjuna agreed. The five fairies thanked him.

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