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Fables & Fairytales

Arjuna in Heaven

When Arjuna got the pashupatastra from Shiva, other gods also blessed him with more divine weapon. Varuna, the wind god gave him dandastra; Kubera gave him the antardhyanastra; and Indra also asked Arjuna to visit heaven and learn how to use the weapons. Arjuna in HeavenIndra's divine chariot, drawn by hundred horses, took him to heaven. There, a number of fairies demi-gods welcomed him. The gandharvas, heavenly musicians, played melodious music for him. Arjuna stayed in Indra's palace and learnt how to use the weapons, after which he wanted to go back to earth. But Indra asked him to stay for more time and learn to play the divine music of the gandharvas. Down on earth, the rest of the Pandavas were worried about the well being of Arjuna. Soon Arjuna returned to them and showed all the weapons that he received.