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Balvala and Balarama

Balvala and Balarama

Balvala was a ferocious demon. His hair, beard, and moustache were bright red, while his claw like teeth were yellow.

Balvala had become a menace to the sages of Naimisaranya. He uses to soil the holy hermitage with blood and defile the sacrificial fire. Tired of this, the sages decided to seek Balarama's help. Balvala and BalaramaThe sages told him that during the fight, Balarama  would come in contact with the demon and therefore he should tour all the holy places to free himself from the impurities of Balvala's body.

Balarama, armed with his plow and club, appeared before Balvala who was flying away on his chariot. Balarama pulled him down with his plow and instantly struck at his head with the club. Balvala's head broke into two.

The inhabitants of Naimisaranya rejoiced and offered their prayers to Balarama. Meanwhile, the sages prepared for Balarama's holy bath to cleanse the impurities of Balvala's body.