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Indian Mythological Stories

Bhima Meets Hanuman

Bhima and Hanuman

One day, while the Pandavas were in exile, the wind brought a beautiful lotus and dropped it near Draupadi. She was delighted with its sweet fragrance and divine beauty. She asked Bhima to bring her more lotuses.

Bhima went in search of lotuses. As he was walking through the forest, he saw an old monkey sleeping in his path. He made sound to scare it away. But it did not move. Bhima ordered the monkey to give him way. The monkey said, "I am too old and week to move. Push my tail aside to make way for yourself." Bhima tried very hard to move its tail but failed. He understood that the monkey was some great being. The monkey come to his real form. He was Hanuman. Hanuman blessed Bhima and promised to help him in the war against Kauravas.

Bhima and Hanuman