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Indian Mythological Stories

Duryodhana Is Fooled

After Yudhisthira's imperial yajna, Duryodhana did not leave Indraprastha and stayed in the Pandavas' palace. He was amazed to see the wonderful illusions in the palace built by Mayasura.

When Duryodhana tried to enter a door, he hurt his head because it was not really a door but a wall. When he went further he saw a pool of water and tried to enter it. It was not a pool but glass which looked like a pool. He hurt his foot with the glass. Bhima and the other Pandavas  who were present there were amused and made fun of him when they saw this.

Then Duryodhana went ahead but fell in a pool, which looked just like the floor. Draupadi laughing at DuryodhanaSeeing this, Draupadi, the Pandavas' wife, started laughing loudly. She commented, "A blind man's son is also blind." This rude comment insulted Duryodhana so much that he vowed to take revenge on Draupadi. Duryodhana became very jealous of the luxury of the Pandavas' palace. He said to his uncle, Shakuni, "I want to rob the Pandavas of all the luxury that they are enjoying. I want it all for myself." Shakuni said, "You can't take all this by force. We will take all this from them."

Duryodhana agreed with his uncle and together they started thinking of devious plans to oust the Pandavas from Indraprastha.

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