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Indian Mythological Stories

Gandhari Tries to protect Her Son

Gandhari and Kunti had reached Kurukshetra. Gandhari was worried about Duryodhana as he was her only son who was alive. Gandhari and DuryodhanaShe had come up with a plan to keep him alive. She asked him to take a bath and appear naked in front of her. She would open the cloth over her eyes and cast a look on his body. By the power of her prayers nobody could hurt his body. No amount of Bhima's mace blows would be able to hurt his body. Krishna came to know about Gandhari's plan.

Duryodhana followed his mother's advice, and was going to his mother after a bath. Krishna stopped him and made fun of him saying, "How can you go to your mother looking like that?" Duryodhana felt ashamed and wrapped a cloth around his waist. When he appeared before his mother, his entire body became solid except his thighs.