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Hanuman Destroys Vatika

Hanuman Destroys Vatika

As Hanuman was preparing to leave Lanka, he decided to do something to show his strength to the enemy. He started destroying Vatika. In the process, all the birds flew out of the trees, and the noise awakened the rakshasis. Hanuman decided to wait at the gate to see the consequences.

Hanuman at Lanka

As the news of this destruction reached Ravana, he sent Kikkar, Durjaya, and Jaambmalee, his most ferocious demons, to fight Hanuman.

Hanuman killed them one after another. Ravana then sent his ministers to arrest the powerful armies in a mater of minutes. Finally, realising that Hanuman was a divine soul, Ravana decided  to send his own son Akshaya .

As the powerful Akshaya approached, Hanuman grabbed him and flung him in the air. The death of Akshaya scared Ravana. He now decided to send Meghnad to kill Hanuman.

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