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Indian Mythological Stories

Hanuman Meets Meghnad

Hanuman Meets Meghnad

Meghnad, Ravana's son, had mastered the art of warfare from Brahma. Hearing about the destruction that Hanuman inflicted, Meghnad took his father's blessing and set out to kill him.

Hanuman and Meghnad

Hanuman crushed all the arrows that Meghnad shot. Finally, Meghnad decided to use brahmaastra. It had the power to tie even Hanuman. As Meghnad shot the arrow, it would around Hanuman. However, Hanuman was not scared, as Brahma  had given him a boon that the brahmaastra could tie him only for some time. The rakshasis came changing at him without knowing that the brahmaastra would lose its power on being touched him, Hanuman started reviving. Meghnad, who knew that every minute was precious, quickly tied Hanuman and dragged him to Ravana's court.

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