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Indian Mythological Stories

Hanuman Meets Ravana

Hanuman Meets Ravana

When Hanuman entered Ravana's courtroom, he saw him sitting on a diamond studded throne. Shining bright in his royal dress, Ravana was surrounded by beautiful angles.

Ravana asked Hanuman the purpose of his visit.

Hanuman proudly replied that he was Rama's messenger and had come to free Sita from his clutches. He also tried to explain that whatever Ravana was doing was unlawful. Hearing Hanuman speak this way, Ravana was very angry. He immediately asked his men to kill the impolite monkey, but just then, Vibhishana, Ravana's younger brother, intervened.

Hanuman and Ravana

Vibhishana, who was tired of Ravana's misdeeds, tried to explain that killing an envoy in this manner was not right, and a less severe punishment should be given. Ravana was furious with his brother.

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