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Indian Mythological Stories

Hanuman Meets Sinhikaa

Hanuman Meets Sinhikaa

As Hanuman neared Lanka, he came across a place created by Brahma to form a shade over the universe. Here Indra's elephant Airwaat, Yaksas, Gandharvas, and many other animals, lived. When Hanuman crossed over a stream in this land, he suddenly felt all his powers disappearing. Puzzled, he looked down. He saw the powerful flesh-eating she-demon Sinhikaa. The she-demon started pulling his shadow, thus forcing him to lose his power and descend.

Hanuman and Sinikhaa

When she opened her mouth to eat Hanuman, he cleverly expanded himself as big as the sky. However, just as Sinikhaa expanded her mouth further to gobble Hanuman up, he shrunk himself and quickly went inside her mouth. There he pulled out her teeth, clawed her tongue, and then crushed her jaws.

As Sinhika fell into the water, the gods were pleased and showered flowers on Hanuman.

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