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Hanuman Returns to Rama

Hanuman Returns to Rama

Hanuman returned from Lanka after meeting Sita and setting Lanka on fire. Sugreeva congratulated Hanuman on his brave deed and honoured him at a ceremony.

When Rama saw them rejoicing, he grew restless and enquired about Sita and her well-being.

Hanuman returns to Rama

Hanuman turned to Rama and gave a detailed report of his stay in Lanka. When he narrated the stories about Sita's torture, tears welled up in Rama's eyes. Hanuman also told Rama that only a few months were left before Ravana would kill Sita if she did not agree to marry him.

After handling over the piece of jewellery Sita had given, Hanuman said, "O lord, Sita loves you dearly. She is eagerly waiting for you to rescue her."

Embracing Hanuman, Rama thanked him for his selfless service.

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