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Indian Mythological Stories

Indrajit and Vibhisana

Ravana called his council of ministers to discuss how to fight with Rama. At the meeting, Vibhishana was also present. He warned Indrajit disgraces VibhisanaRavana, "Brother, please give up your desire of marrying Sita. Rama is a mighty warrior. Your sinful actions will bring disaster."

Hearing Vibhisana speak this way, Indrajit replied, "You are a coward and a traitor. Instead of supporting us you're speaking on behalf of Rama."

Vibhisana tried to explain that a hasty decision could destroy everyone but voices of protest arose as he spoke. Everybody urged Ravana to fight the monkey brigade led by Rama.

Encouraged by his ministers, Ravana said to Vibhisana, "You have spoken in favour of my enemy. You are a shame to our race. Go away before I kill you."