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Indian Mythological Stories

Jaidratha's Punishment

The Pandava faced many problems during their exile. One day, the Pandavas had gone to look for food and Draupadi was alone in their hut, Jaidratha was fascinated by Draupadi's beauty. He approached her and introduced himself . Draupadi remembered that the king of Sindhudesha was the husband of Dushshala, Duryodhana's sister . So she invited Jaidratha into the hut because he was a relative of the Pandavas. Jaidratha said, "You are so beautiful. Why are you undergoing the hardships of exile with the Pandavas ? Come with me, I will make you my queen." Draupadi felt very insulted when she heard this. She said , "How dare you say that to me. The Pandavas will kill you. " Jaidratha said, "I am not afraid of them. They are no more than beggars now. " He forced Draupadi into his chariot and took her away.

Soon the Pandavas returned to their hut and found Draupadi missing. They were told everything. Bhima was very angry; once again the honour of the Pandavas was at stake. He took his chariot and followed Jaidratha. He captured Jaidratha and dragged him by his hair to Yudhisthira.

Draupadi was crying bitterly. Seeing this, Bhima asked his elder brother's permission to kill Jaidratha. Yudhisthira said "Jaidratha is our sister's husband. If we kill him, our sister would be widowed. Let us punish him suitably but spare his life." Draupadi said, "By insulting me, he has dishonoured you all . Shave his head but leave five tufts of hair onit. This will be a fitting insult for dishonouring the Pandavas."