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Indian Mythological Stories


On their way to Panchavati, Rama, Laxmana, and Sita had seen a huge vulture swooping down towards them. Rama had confronted him and asked who he was. The bird saluted them and said he was Jatayu, King Dasaratha's friend. He had protected him during the battle with Samparasura. Rama had welcomed his
father's saviour.

Then jatayu had narrated this story. He said that he was the Jatayu narrating his story to Lord Ramagrandson of sage Kashyap and his father Arun was the charioteer of the sun god Surya. He had also told them how his elder brother Sapati had burnt his wings while trying to save him from soaring towards the sun. He had come to the forest of Panchavati where he was entrusted with the kingship of the vultures. Jatayu had promised Rama that he would protect them with all his might.