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Indian Mythological Stories

Kabandha Meets Rama

In the forest, Rama and Laxmana saw a ferocious demon. His name was Kabandha .

The hungry demon caught hold of them and was about to eat them, when the brothers fired arrows and cut off his arms.

As Kabandha lay bleeding he asked them about their identity. When Lord Rama fights with demon KbandhaRama and Laxmana introduced themselves, Kabandha bowed in reverence and told them his story . He said that Brahma had cursed him to change into a demon for his misdeeds and only if Rama killed could he get back his earlier form. Kabandha then begged Rama to end his life. As his body burnt to ashes a beautiful figure emerged from it. After changing into a gandharva, Kabandha advised Rama to seek Sugreeva's help and recover Sita .