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Indian Mythological Stories

Kalyani's Devotion

There was an old lady called Kalyani who worshipped Shukra and fasted on Fridays. She would bathe the idol of Shukra in holy water and offer the best food. Once she wanted to go on a pilgrimage.

She asked her daughter-in-law, Gauri, if she would take care of the idol in her absence. Gauri was not a religious woman, but she agreed, as she wanted to get rid of her mother-in-law for some days.

While Kalyani was gone, Gauri would not fast on Fridays. As a holyKalyani and Gauri bath she would put some drops of water on the idol. Instead of offering good food she would place some leftover crumbs in front of the idol. One day Gauri threw the idol in to the garbage. A neighbour found it and took the idol respectfully to her home. She worshipped it and started fasting on Fridays. Soon the neighbour became very rich. But wealth left Gauri's home. When Kalyani returned she asked Gauri about the idol. Gauri told her she had thrown it away. Kalyani went looking for it in the neighbourhood. When she asked the rich lady about the idol, she said , "How could you throw it in garbage, you have no respect for god."

The rich lady returned the idol . kalyani brought it home and started worshipping it. Soon prosperity returned to her home and Gauri realised her mistake .