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Indian Mythological Stories


The god of love is called Kamdeva. He is shown as a handsome youth, carrying a Sugarcane bow and five flower tipped arrows.Kamadev breaking Shiva's meditation Spring helps to select these flowers. His vahana or vehicle is the parrot.

Surrounded by beautiful fairies he searches for young maidens, boys, and sages at whom he can shoot his arrows to arouse feelings of love. Unfortunately once this act greatly angered Shiva.

Tired of the demon Taraka's attacks the gods went to Shiva, who alone could create a fighter to tackle the demon. However, Shiva was in deep meditation and nobody had the courage to wake him. So the gods decided to approach Kamadeva.

Kamadeva used a special shaft and awoke Shiva, but in the process also stirred his anger. Shiva cast his fiery gaze on Kama and burnt him to ashes, Hearing the pleas of Rati, Kama's wife, Shiva restored him, but only as an emotion. This bodiless form of Kama is called Ananga.