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Indian Mythological Stories

Kansa Is Killed

Finally, Kansa decided to get Canura and Mustika, the famous wrestlers to kill Krishna and Balarama. Thousands of people gathered to watch the brothers fight the powerful wrestlers. Krishna and Balarama appeared fragile before the stout wrestlers, but they pushed, punched, and twisted their bodies with such force that Canura and Mustika died on the spot within minutes.

As the crowds cheered, Kansa, in a fit of rage, ordered the two Krishna killing Kansabrothers to be driven out of the city. Hearing Kansa speak this way, Krishna became very angry. He turned to Kansa and ran towards him. Kansa drew a sword and attacked Krishna. Fighting empty-handed, Krishna grabbed Kansa's long hair and stuck him with his mighty fist. Kansa at once fell and died. The crowds roared and celebrated as they saw the cruel king breathe his last.