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Indian Mythological Stories

Karna's Promise

The war between the Kauravas and Pandavas had become necessary. Kunti was very disturbed by this. She went to Karna Karna gives his promise to his mother Kuntiand said, "Karna, you are actually my son. If you don't fight against the Pandavas in the war." Karna replied , "I knew that you are my real mother but you had given me up when I was only a baby; I was brought up by a charioteer. It was Duryodhana who made me the king of Anga. I am grateful to him and can't betray him. I will fight against the Pandavas."

Hearing this Kunti was upset and started weeping. Karna was moved and could not see his mother like that and said, "But I can promise you one thing, That I will not harm any of the Pandavas except Arjuna who is my rival."