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Indian Mythological Stories

King Nriga and Krishna

Nriga was a good and kind king. He regularly gave gifts and alms to the needy and the poor. One day, he promised to give a flock Lord Krishna and king Nrigaof cows to a Brahmin. After some time, when a beggar arrived at his gates, Nriga gave the cows to him. The Brahmin became furious at being ignored this way. He crushed Nriga to turn into a chameleon and live in a dry well, located near Dwarka, forever.

One day, some children from Krishna's family came to play near this well. While playing their ball fell into the well. When the boys came to search for the ball, they were surprised to see the huge chameleon . Scared at the sight, they rushed to Krishna for help.

Krishna lowered his hands to fetch him out. As soon as he touched it, the chameleon changed into Nriga.

Nriga narrated his story and thanked Krishna for his divine touch that gave back his life.