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Indian Mythological Stories

Krishna and Kalindi

One day Krishna and Arjuna went out on a hunting expedition.

As the day drew to a close, they decided to bathe in the waters of the Yamuna. Just then, Krishna spotted a beautiful maiden passing by the river. Krishna immediately sent Arjuna after her.

When asked to reaveal her identity, she replied, "I'm Kalindi, the Lord Krishna and her devoutee Kalindidaughter of the sun god. I worship Krishna and hope to marry him one day." Arjuna then asked her why she was staying alone. Kalindi promptly answered. "So that nobody disturbs me during my prayers." She continued, "I hope that one day my wish will come true and the Krishna will take me under his protection."

Seeing the staunch devotion of Kalindi, Arjuna was pleased and went back to Krishna to tell him about her love for him and her wish. Touched by Kalindi's pure love, Krishna decided to marry her and make her his queen.