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Indian Mythological Stories

Krishna and Kesi

Kansa carried on with his attempts at killing Krishna.

Once he sent the demon Kesi, to kill Krishna. Kesi took the form Krishna killing demon Kesiof a terrible horse. He came galloping to Vrindavan with his mane flowing and hooves clattering.

After entering Vrindavan , Kesi challenged Krishna in a duel.

As Krishna accepted the challenge, Kesi dug up the earth with his hooves and charged towards him like an angry lion. With great might, he jumped on Krishna and tried to trample him with his hooves.

Krishna caught hold of his legs and after swinging him around, flung him on the ground. Kesi fell with a thud and became unconscious. After regaining his senses he again attacked, but this time Krishna put his hands into his mouth and chocked him to death.