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Indian Mythological Stories

Krishna and Muchkunda

Muchkunda was born to the same Ikshvaku dynasty as king Rama. He was so powerful that even Indra would seek his help. Once, unable to bear the onslaught of the demons, the gods came to Krishna and Muchkundahim for protection. He became their commander and helped them win the battle, but in the process lost his family. Pleased at his service, the gods allowed him to ask for any boon.

Muchukunda who had not slept for several ages due to the prolonged fight, asked for a peaceful sleep. The gods granted his wish and he slept for many yugas, till the Dwapara yuga when Krishna arrived.

One day, while living in Mathura, Krishna was attack by the demon Kalavayana. He wanted to get rid of the demon and ran to Muchukunda's cave. The arrogant demon thinking that he would be able to kill Krishna, also followed.

However, Krishna entered the cave and hid, after quickly covering the body of Muchukunda with the silken robe that he was wearing. When the demon entered he mistook the sleeping Muchukunda for Krishna and tugged at the robe.

Muchukunda woke up, startled. Looking around he saw the fierce Kalavaya standing before him and cast such a fiery gaze the demon was burnt to ashes.

Then seeing the whole cave illuminated , he started searching for the source of the light and discovered Krishna standing at a distance. Muchukunda shows his devotion and asked Krishna to bless him so that he would always be able to live in service of God .