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Indian Mythological Stories

Krishna and Rukmi

Krishna had made a plan and abducted Rukmini and soared away with her in his chariot towards Dwarka. Soon the news of Rukmini's abduction reached her brother Rukmi's ears. He was furious and rallied his soldiers together and made preparations to fight with Krishna. He asked his men to stop the armies of Balarama while he met Krishna to slay him.

Rukmi raced his horse in the direction of Krishna's speeding chariot. Spotting Krishna and Balarama, he fired one arrow after another, but they failed to even make a dent on Krishna's steely armour.

Krishna then charged his arrows at Rukmi's horse, killing it and then destroying his chariot. Rukmi came crashing to the ground. Enraged, Rukmi picked up his sword to attack Krishna but Krishna shot an arrow, which split Rukmi's sword into two. Rukmi was helpless.

Krishna then took out his sword and was about to slay Rukmi when Rukmini came in between. She fell on Krishna's feet and begged him to spare her brother's life.

Krishna loved Rukmini very much and couldn't see her in tears. Hearing her plea, he spared Rukmi's life, but did not want to let him off without punishing him for his deeds. Krishna chopped off half his hair and a part of his moustache, which was considered to be the worst from of insult to a brave soldier in those days.

Krishna then returned to Dwarka with Rukmini and married her in a grand ceremony.