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Indian Mythological Stories

Krishna and Salva

King Salva was upset on hearing about Shishupal's death. He decided to seize the opportunity of Krishna's absence from the city of Dwarka and destroy it.

However, Krishna knew that Shisupal's friends would avenge his death so he rushed back to Dwarka. On reaching he found that Salva had already caused a lot of destruction.

Flying his flag atop his chariot. Krishna raced towards the place where Salva was staying.

Seeing the bright flag, Salva's soldiers understood that something was wrong. They immediately gathered their weapons and ran towards the battlefield where the fight between Krishna and Salva had already begun.

Salva fired an arrow that went shooting across the sky, but KrishnaKrishna killing evil Salva shattered it into pieces. Salva flew to the skies and started his attack from there. In return, Krishna shot sixteen arrows one after the other, but the carriage soared higher.

Salva, who was a master magician, then decided to disguise himself as Devaki and fool Krishna. Krishna suddenly saw his mother approaching and with tears rolling down her cheeks she informed Krishna about Vasudeva's death.

Krishna was shocked to hear of his father's death and dropped all his weapons. Seeing Krishna unarmed, Salva again attacked. Krishna was caught unawares, but he quickly rearranged his weapons and resumed the attack.

Finally, Krishna cut off Salva's head with the Sudarshan Chakra.