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Indian Mythological Stories

Krishna and Sankhasura

Sankhasura, the demon with a conch-shaped jewel on his head, was very proud. He felt that because of his riches, women would love him . He was jealous of Krishna because he thought he was an Krishna fighting with the demon Sankhasuraordinary cowherd who always enjoyed the company of the gopis. One night , Krishna and Balarama accompanied by the pretty maidens, were performing the raasleela, a type of dance. Seeing this, Sankhasura was jealous. He started pulling out the young girls from the performanc. The maidens screamed for help. Krishna stopped Sankhasura . He rescued the girls and asked Balarama to look after them. Seeing Krishna's might, Sankhasura ran for his life. However, Krishna grabbed him and knocked him down with a strong blow. As Sankhasura writhed in pain, Krishna took out the conch-shaped jewel and offered it to Balarama.